Bali Kopi or Brown Rice Coffee?

Healthy, Tasty or Both?

Every morning he drinks coffee made by his wife. It is a habit. He thinks he has been addicted. If one day he does not drink a glass of coffee, he will feel sick. He likes Balinese coffee. Most of Balinese people have the same habits as him, he guesses. In every celebration, ceremony, like wedding party, tooth filling, three-month baby ceremony and the others, the neighborhood, relatives and best friends of the family will be invited to come to do ngeeb bawang for the men, done early in the morning to slice union, garlic, ginger, and the other kitchen spices for the food prepared to the guests, and ngajang banten for the women to take the offerings from the offering maker that is called jero tukang. They place the offerings on their head and walk to the house of the person that conducts the ceremony. Those men and women will be served by given a glass of coffee and Balinese rice cake. 7

After trying many brands of coffee since he was young, this man decided the most delicious coffee for him. He consumes it every day until now; his first daughter has been married. The information he read in the local newspapers about brown rice coffee raises his curiosity. What he knows about coffee is it is made of coffee seeds that is dried and by using a certain machine; it is processed to be coffee powder. And his wife pours hot water to the glass and mixes it with a tea spoon of coffee powder and sugar, and serves it to him every morning. 7

Coffee made of brown rice. This coffee is the Arabica coffee that is mixed with brown rice from Jatiluwih, Tabanan regency. This new type of coffee is made through special grain to maintain the wholeness of the husk, aroma and micro nutrition. He is a little bit surprised when he read the advantages of the brown rice coffee. It is said that this coffee can make good blood circulation and improve the stamina, especially after illness. The Chinese believes the charcoal of brown rice is good to overcome the digestion trouble, diarrhea, maag or stomach ache. When the brown rice is fried without oil, that rice is believed contain substance that can inhibit the development of cholesterol in the human’s liver, and it also contain saturated oil. 7

The coffee commodity has important role in North Bali. Currently, Buleleng is said to be the central of coffee production. There are 15,520 ha areas in Buleleng used to plant coffee; 3,921 ha for Arabica coffee and 12,599 ha for Robusta coffee. They are in Busung Biu, Sawan, Sukasada, Kubutambahan sub districts. The productions are some 2,000 to 3,000 ton per year on average. With that wide area and supported by many factors, Buleleng regency actually can manage eco tourism. It can be one alternative of places of interest in North Bali. The tourists see directly coffee plantation area, the production process and try the product. He thinks it such a great idea.

He sips his coffee and imagines how the taste of the brown rice coffee is. The Balinese coffee he consumes every day has special taste and high quality. Can the taste of the new coffee make him change his favorite? He knows the answer, of course, after he tries the new one. The brown rice coffee has a lot of advantages to the human being. Unfortunately, he cannot try it soon because the distribution is still only in South Bali. He promises himself, when the coffee has distributed to this regency, he will buy it soon. He likes drinking coffee, and he likes to be healthy too.

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