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Tourism in Bali recovering, Airlines fail to respond

Quantas is blamed

Members of the Bali Hotels Association are complaining by word of the chairman Michael Burchett that the biggest hurdle in getting Australians back to Bali is the lack of Airline capacity. People have been complaining that they had to wait for months to get a suitable flight to Bali.

The number of Ozzies has dropped 36 per cent since the sad events in October 2005, but the number other foreign arrivals has increased by 38 per cent. Al lot of the increase comes from Asian visitors, but also from Europeans and new markets like Russia.

The demand for flights from Australia is there, but Quantas seems unwilling to resume the flights to Bali to normal.

It is possible to get flights to Bali, but the routes people have to take and the long waiting time for tickets is putting people off.

Qantas flies twice a week to Bali from Perth and Darwin, while Jetstar flies twice a week from Melbourne and Sydney. Garuda flies every day from Perth, four times a week from Melbourne and Sydney, and twice a week from Darwin.

There is a rumor that Air Paradise, the Bali Airline, is planning a come-back.

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