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Privacy Policy - BPI Palm Living

We think privacy is very important. We don't use third parties to analyze our traffic. We operate in the spirit of the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


We use "Matomo" software to analyse whats going on our website. Matomo is privacy friendly....


We use cookies (a little identifying bit of text placed on your computer by us) for various purposes on this website. Statistical analysis and security are the main reasons to use cookies. You can change the settings in your browser so you will not accept cookies anymore. Some parts of this website will not function anymore if you disable cookies.

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We will not use your email address for anything other than replying to your questions. If you have subscribed to the mailing list or have requested to be informed about new listings, we may send you an occassional message. We will not provide the personal information you have send us to any other party. Only people associated with this website have access to data you have supplied. We take your privacy seriously, and if you want us to remove your personal information, you just have to ask.

Data collection if you send an email to us

If you send an email to us through one of the contact forms, we may record your IP address and the geographical location of this IP address. We may use this information to address you in your own language, or to determine any security or spam risks. We also may use detection mechanisms for proxy or VPN connections.

Data Encryption during transmission of personal data

We use a high grade SSL encrypted connection with your browser when you use the email form, or when you are logged in. This way the data you send to us is not readable in transport for others.

Data Collection

When you visit this site, non-personal data is collected (if you have allowed this) to provide us with statistics about the number of visitors, their location and various other data. We use this information to improve on our web site services.

Social Media

This website may use Social Media Plugins. This makes it possible for those Social Media to track your visits to our website. It may be possible to adjust this behavior in your Social Media privacy settings. If you don’t want Social Media to track visits you can also open this website in a so called Private Window.

If you login via Google, Facebook or an OpenID

You can login using the above indentity providers, and the only thing we need from your provider is your email address. We don’t need any other information. This is one of the nice things about using a social login, authentication and storage of personal information and passwords is done by your provider, and not at our side.

We do ask for your email address because it gives you the possiblity to submit information to us, in order to help you with your search. We use this data only for the requests you decide to send to us, and for nothing else.

After you have been authenticated by your provider, and we have verified this, we use a cookie to identify you during the time you use our site.

Please note that if you use a third party login, this party is aware of your interest in our site. Please read the privacy statement and data collection policies of your provider.

Your Privacy

We think privacy is very important, and we act accordingly.


If you have questions or remarks about this Privacy Statement please use the contact form

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Kalisada House For Sale in Bali
Kalisada House For Sale in Bali
Kalisada, North Bali
EUR € 130.000
Land plot for sale in Lovina central
Land plot for sale in Lovina central
Rice fields hillside
Rp 628.000.000
Hillside Ocean View Land for Sale
Hillside Ocean View Land for Sale
Close to Central Lovina, Bali
Rp 2.800.000.000
Boutique Resort Villa For Sale
Boutique Resort Villa For Sale
Cempaga, With Sea View
EUR € 567.000
Sanur 4 Bedroom Villa For Sale
Sanur 4 Bedroom Villa For Sale
5 Minutes Walking From The Beach
US $480,000
White Sandy Beachfront Land for Sale
White Sandy Beachfront Land for Sale
Pemuteran, North Bali
Rp 4.712.500.000
Villa With Stunning Rice Paddies, Mountain Views
Villa With Stunning Rice Paddies, Mountain Views
PT PMA, Umeanyar, Seririt