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Mathematics Olympiad in Jakarta

Elementary Student Pentium from Buleleng

The development of education in the Buleleng regency in these 4 years has been progressing. It is proven by the achievements of the students in Buleleng. One example is the success of an elementary student, the fifth grade student, from Sangsit village, Sawan sub district, Buleleng regency, to be Bali province representative in the national level Mathematics Olympiad 2007 in Jakarta. After attending Provincial level Mathematics Olympiad in Denpasar, and competed with other selected elementary students throughout Bali, that student, named Gede Bagus Bayu Pentium, was selected to be the only student who got ticket to attend the national Mathematics Olympiad. This success raises the name of Buleleng regency in national level.

Pentium went to Jakarta on Monday morning, May 7, 2007, to compete with 45 others students at the same level from other provinces in Indonesia. The total of participants in Indonesia was 1,494 students, and from those students, 45 students were invited to Jakarta. There were 8 students from Jakarta, and 1 to 4 students from other provinces in Indonesia. Before going to Jakarta, all students were given more exercises, mental and psychological preparation by the teacher, provincial team, and the local government. All provinces expected their representative to be the winner in this national level Mathematic Olympiad 2007.

Gede Bagus Bayu Pentium is the son of Made Sutawa. Sutawa often reminds his son to study because it will be useful for his son’s future. He believed the success can only be gain by studying and working hard, beside luck. Sutawa pays much attention to the progress of his son’s study, often discussing and correcting the exercises and home work with Pentium, and providing Pentium with additional books to enrich his knowledge. Many students may not get much attention by their parents, especially for those who have busy father and mother. Sutawa said that the parents should not only think about working, but should also pay attention to their children; moreover to those who are still in the elementary level because the support of the parents to their children’s educational progress is important.

Pentium is the student of elementary School or SD 1 Sangsit, Sawan sub district, a school which is located approximately 8 km from Singaraja city. The reputation of Gede Bagus Bayu Pentium to be the only students who was sent to attend national level Mathematics Olympiad 2007 in Jakarta parries the opinion that the school in the countryside has worse quality than those in the city. It is proven by the success of Pentium. There is none of the students of elementary schools in the city who is successful to be Bali province representative in Jakarta this year. This success should be used as a motivation to the other countryside schools. They should not be worry to scompete with the city schools, as long as they prepare their students well, implement good and interesting methods, motivating their students, helping the students to explore their hidden talent, and so on.

The head master of SD 1 Sangsit, Ni Ketut Bita, stated that she was so proud of the success of one of her best students who was sent to the national level Olympiad. Pentium is a smart student, diligent, and does not hesitate to ask the teachers about the material he has not understood yet. He was often sent to be the representative of his school to any academic competitions in Buleleng. One of them was participating in Gelora program, an academic competition for elementary students in Buleleng and for students from outside Buleleng, which is conducted every year by Junior High School or SMP 1 Singaraja, the National Standard and favorite Junior High School in Buleleng.


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