Mortgages and Loans

Bali Home Financials

Mortgages and loans for foreigners are not possible as far as we know. If you are married to an Indonesian national things are different. We advise to go to a local bank and explore the financial possibilities there.

We believe that there maybe are possibilities for foreigners in their own country. For instance a line of credit: A line of credit is more like a personal loan secured against your property in your home country.

There are a two basic types, revolving and reducing lines of credit. A revolving line of credit at some companies allows you to draw down to the prearranged credit limit as you require (usually about 80% of the value of the property in your home country). This can be great for property investors who can use the one loan to buy and sell investment property.

Insurance for your property:  Allianz has many offices over Indonesia and offers besides All Risk Property insurance in Bali also other insurance options. A small selection of their insurance program: Property All Risks Insurance: This single premium cover provides our clients with a total solution for their dwelling homes. Be covered against various possibilities: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Water Damage, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami, Flood and even Burglary. An extended Householder Insurance that includes cover from Terrorism and Sabotage for a very reasonable premium. A Standard Fire or Property All Risks Policy that also cover against riots, strikes, malicious damage, along with protection from civil commotion, terrorism and sabotage.

Please don’t contact this website about mortgages or insurance.

Some developers may have flexible payment terms however. But the most usual payment for property is cash !

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