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Elections Safety and Security

Buleleng Elections 2007

The general election program to elect the new Buleleng regent and deputy regent needs the attention of many, including the security sector. The people in Buleleng hope the general election will be success, democratic and peaceful. No one wants to experience the last general election experience, the election to elect Indonesian president and vice president in 1999, where many public building, offices were burn and damaged by irresponsible people, who were unsatisfied about the result of the election. The people were so afraid. In some places the villagers attacked each other and as the result, there were many victims died and injured and there were a lot of financial and materials lose. All offices were closed for a couple of days at that time due to the frightening situation.

Buleleng people do not want to experience this kind of situation for the second time. Many efforts have been conducted to create and maintain the stability during the election period, like the Maha Gotra Panca Desa Bali Aga in Banjar sub district. It is an agreement of five villages in Buleleng, which were in conflict in the general election eight years ago, to maintain the peaceful condition in those villages. The police officers also improve their awareness, number of personnel and conduct sudden examination for identity card, licenses, fire gun, weapon and some others.

To create and maintain the stability and peaceful condition in Buleleng, on Thursday, 26 April 2007, the police chief of Buleleng Police resort, Setyo Dwiantoro, inaugurated 83 security guards in Buleleng police head quarter. Those new security guards were inaugurated after having education and training program for about three weeks, about the security job description and other general and specific information about security. They are hoped to be good guards in any office, school, or other areas they are placed, having good relationship with and become the extension of the police officer.

One of the examinations conducted by the police officers was gun examination among the civil community. This examination was conducted occasionally in several locations, like café, pub and other places that may become the operation targets. On 10 May, 2007, the police successfully captured Putu Jaya alias Gembrong, the villager of Pedawa village, in a fire gun and weapon examination in Bunga Desa Cafe Kaliasem.  At that time, Gembrong brought an illegal gun. After having long and tiring inspection from police officer, eventually, Gembrong admitted that the gun, the revolver type gun, belonged to him. The gun and 5 bullets were then seized by the police. The examination was conducted to all guests and three waitress in that café.

Setyo Dwiantoro, Buleleng police chief, appealed Buleleng people who still have illegal fire gun to register their gun in the police resort office. If they do not register their gun, like Gembrong, they will be accused violating the Emergency Law number 12 in 1951, with punishment 12 years in jail as the sanction. He stated that the examination will be conducted more intensively to maintain the stability in facing general election period.

The police will increase their awareness by providing sustainable pacification to human beings, goods and places. Whether they are asked or not, the police officers will provide maximum pacification on the preparation of the Election Day, on the day, and days after the election period. At those times, the Buleleng police resort will provide at least 1,600 personnel and that number will be backed up by troop from provincial police, Brimob, the members of police resort from other regencies, like Jembrana, Bangli and Karangasem, and from Indonesia’s armed forces in Buleleng regency. By providing sufficient number of security, it is hoped that in giving aspiration and determining the choice for next five years period in the election, the people will feel safe and comfortable, without any pressure.

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