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Anniversary of Undiksa Singaraja

The Ganesha Education University

Celebrating the dies natalis or the anniversary of the university was a tradition of each university or college. The Ganesha Education University or Undiksa Singaraja celebrated its first anniversary in a week, from May 4 – 11, 2007. This university was considered new. Several years ago, this university was called IKIP or education and training institute. It has been a year since the status upgraded from institute to university based on President Decree number 11 in 2006, exactly on 11 May 2006.
The opening of this anniversary was conducted in the university square in central campus of Undiksa. It was officially opened by the head of the university, D

octor I Nyoman Sudiana, MPd, which was signed by releasing balloon and birds to the air, witnessed by the board of the university, deans, lecturers and the students. At that occasion, Nyoman Sudiana asked all members of the university to muse and do self introspection about the existence of Undiksa in the future that may face more difficult challenges along with the changes of this world. Undiksa should be able to produce smart and competitive out put that can compete well in the real life.

Sudiana added that the status has been changed, but the mandate was still the same; that was managing the education sectors, preparing the students to be the future teachers in all level of education, starting from play group, kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, senior high school and sometimes university level. Besides, this university starts to develop non education sectors, and the out put will not be directed to be teacher. According to the demand and development of the society, Undiksa has prepared several new programs, like S1 Informatics, Electro, Management, Maritime Technique, and some others.

The coordinator of this first anniversary, Ketut Suma, explained that there were a lot of activities conducted to celebrate this dies natalis that enable all members of university to participate, like in sport, art, scientific competitions, fun run, social gathering and social evening. The sport branches were volley ball, basket ball, foot ball, gymnastic, badminton and group walking competition. While the arts competitions were including Balinese traditional dance, modern dance, fashion show, Balinese traditional song or makekawin, choir and vocal group. Besides, there were also speech contest and debate, both for Balinese, Bahasa and English, scientific research, scientific oration, and many others. The participants were divided into the students that represented their faculties, lecturer and office staffs, and women organization of the university.

After having several competitions, contests and social gathering program in a week, eventually, the first anniversary of Undiksa was closed by a flag ceremony in the campus square of the central campus on May 11, 2007. Nyoman Sudiana, the instructor of the flag ceremony emphasized that education was very important in improving the quality of Indonesian people. Undiksa, as one of the teacher producer has responsibility to increase the quality of teacher, to support the national development program in education, that was improving the quality of the students, as the young generation. Undiksa should be able to develop science and technology, produce high quality educator and non educator out puts, based on the vision of the university. In that flag ceremony, the head of university gave award to the retired lecturers and the students of bachelor and master degree, who had good achievements. In the evening, there was social evening in Kampus Bawah Undiksa.

At that moment, Nyoman sudiana awarded the winners of the competitions and contests that had been done in a week. The first winner was Sport Education Faculty, the second winner was Language and Culture Faculty, the third winner was Education Faculty, and then followed by Social, Science, Education Technology Faculties and the last the Lecturer and Administrators.

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