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Local Bali News, what are the local or expatriate people of Bali talking about, what is of interest to them.

Palm Living opens in Ubud - Bali
Our Real Estate Office opened with a traditional Balinese ceremony on November 2nd. This ceremony, named "Melaspas", cleans and purifies the office. So, not only in North Bali now, but we are ready to go in Ubud as well.... See... Read Article

Boosting Tourist Visits to Bali
Boosting Foreign Tourist Visits to Bali, Synchronizing Demand and Supply BALI - The Bali Regional Tourism Promotion Agency (BPPD) held a working meeting to discuss accelerating the recovery of the tourism sector in Bali, which was slumped by the Covid-19 pandemic... Read Article

Launching Singaraja City Tour
Launching Singaraja City Tour, Increasing Tourist Visits. BULELENG - The Buleleng Regency Government through the Tourism Office has a breakthrough program for the "Singaraja City Tour" (SCT) educational tour package with the aim of introducing the historical value of Singaraja City... Read Article

Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort Bali Officially Opens
The inauguration of the resort project is expected to encourage the level of the tourism industry on the island. PT Indonesian Paradise Island inaugurate the opening (grand opening) Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort Bali on December 7, 2012. The project is... Read Article

Tax Evasion tackled by Computers
Districts Urged to Use System “Online” Tax evasion (tax hotels and restaurants – PHR) is allegedly committed by a number of star hotels in Badung regency and raises many questions. One question is related to the possibility corruption in hotel... Read Article

North Bali Airport is no rumor anymore?
The North Bali airport is no fairy tale, or bar talk anymore as it seems. We have heard that land transaction are on hold the the area where the airport is going to be build. (starting in August 2013) Even the... Read Article

A New Beach Club in Lovina
Spice Beach Club, and Bali Spice Dive combine forces The North of Bali is not exactly known for its stylish night life and restaurants, and is not comparable to Seminyak. But with the growth of luxury tourism in the North, thanks... Read Article

Tourism stakeholders hopes for 2013
Tourism stakeholders hope that Bali will see a brighter year of tourism this year, as the island will have better infrastructure and will host the Asia-Pasific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit that is expected to cause multiplier effects on the sector. They... Read Article

Urban tourism, Schoolies and Toolies - Made Wijaya
Urban tourism, Schoolies and Toolies: Once famous for its pristine villages and natural scenery, Bali is now embracing a new form of tourism centered around increasingly popular bypasses and ring roads. Enlightened developers, wary of the inconsistency of Balinese culture —... Read Article

Coastal erosion threatens Bali shorelines
Regional administrations face the gigantic task of tackling the continuing erosion that threatens the island’s already damaged shorelines and coastal areas. I Wayan Geredeg, regent of Karangasem, complained that his administration is running out of funds to solve the critical coastal... Read Article

Cleaning Bali Adipura Award
Recently, Singaraja achieved the Adipura trophy in the medium city category, an award given to a city which can keep its cleanliness and tidiness. Singaraja is not the only city in Bali that got the trophy. However, this achievement is... Read Article

Bali Silver Crafts in Beratan village
The development of tourism business in Bali has a great impact on the development of crafts industry in Bali, especially in Buleleng. The tourists are usually interested in unique and particular crafts produced in a specific area. Then they bring... Read Article

Museum in Bali Gedong Kertya
Since the beginning of 2007, the local technical service unit of Gedong Kertya Singaraja has started extra visits to the museum. The visitors can go to that museum, on Jalan Veteran Singaraja, on Saturday and Sunday as well besides the... Read Article

Bali Immigrants in Celukan Bawang Harbor
Celukan Bawang is a village, located about 40 km to the west of Singaraja. Although it is a small area, but it is crowded with people due to the immigrants who live in this area. The people in this area... Read Article

Waterfalls in Bali Gitgit
There are many places of interests in Buleleng. You can find beautiful beaches; hot springs, ancient temples and palaces, and last but not least, waterfalls. There are about a dozens of waterfalls located in Buleleng. Those waterfalls vary from smaller... Read Article

Earthquake and Tsunami SMS Hoax in Bali
The ring tone of my mobile phone woke me up in the middle of the night. It’s just an SMS, short massage service. I ignored the SMS. I was so tired after completing the project that should be submitted on... Read Article

Manggala Karya Kencana Award for North Bali
Several months ago, on August 28, 2006, Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, received an award, Manggala Karya Kencana award, at the center office of National Family Planning Coordinator Body at Jalan Permata 1 East Jakarta, for his success as the leader... Read Article

Discovery Mall Kuta Bali Condom Shop
Bali has its first condom shop. While condoms shops have opened all over the world, this is an Indonesian first. The people behind the shop, Endyk Bagus and his Australian wife Sarah say that it is not the intention of... Read Article

Bank Buleleng 45, a new Bank
After the Buleleng people waited for a long time, to strengthen the position of local finance, eventually, Bank Buleleng 45, will be established. The placement of the first stone as the starting point of the construction of this bank was... Read Article

Religious Life in Bali, Buleleng
The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslim, but the majority of people living in Bali are Hindu. Although the most Balinese people are Hindu, it does not mean the people with other religious faiths live in discrimination in Bali.... Read Article

Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi
The students of STIE Satya Dharma Singaraja, a private economic college in Singaraja, conducted activities of society devotion in Nagasepeha village on Friday, 11 May, 2007. The program, which was focused in the village temple, besides attended by the students... Read Article

Anniversary of Undiksa Singaraja
Celebrating the dies natalis or the anniversary of the university was a tradition of each university or college. The Ganesha Education University or Undiksa Singaraja celebrated its first anniversary in a week, from May 4 – 11, 2007. This university... Read Article

National Awakening Day
In the Buleleng regency, the National Awakening Day, which actually is on May 20th, was celebrated on the next day, 21st May 2007 because of holidays. The civil servants, agency officers, the students and others were on holiday from Thursday... Read Article

Integrated Bali Village Competition
The Buleleng government organized an Integrated Village Competition program to increase the villagers’ relationships, togetherness, innate strength spirit and mutual cooperation and increasing the spirit of the villagers in developing their village. In this competition, nine sub districts in Buleleng,... Read Article

Cooperative Smart Competition
Senior High School or SMA N 1 Singaraja became the first winner in the cooperative smart competition that was held by the Cooperative Agency of the Buleleng regency in Wantilan Laksana Budaya RRI Singaraja on Monday, 21 May, 2007. This... Read Article

The Preparation of Provincial Level Porseni
Porseni or weekly sport and art competitions for students in provincial level will be held in Denpasar from 6 to 11 June 2007. All regencies, including Buleleng regency, have been preparing their junior athletes and artists to compete in this... Read Article

Serene Four Bedroom Villa with Ocean Views
Serene Four Bedroom Villa with Ocean Views
Umeanyar, North Bali
EUR € 379.000
Two Bedroom Hillside Villa with Garden
Two Bedroom Hillside Villa with Garden
Kayuputih Close to Lovina
Rp 2.600.000.000
For Sale 13-Bedroom Villa in Kerobokan
For Sale 13-Bedroom Villa in Kerobokan
Banjar Semer Villa, Kerobokan
Rp 16.500.000.000
Kalisada House For Sale in Bali
Kalisada House For Sale in Bali
Kalisada, North Bali
EUR € 130.000
Luxurious Minimalist Modern Style Villa Project
Luxurious Minimalist Modern Style Villa Project
Villa Project In Kalibukbuk
EUR € 159.000
Kayuputih Villa with Ocean and Hills View
Kayuputih Villa with Ocean and Hills View
Two-storey villa, Close to Lovina
EUR € 285.000