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Social Guarantee for Workers and Handicapped

Local Government reaches out, Jamsostek

The local government pays good attention to the workers and serious physically handicapped people in Buleleng by giving social guarantees. Those guarantees are Jamsostek for the workers and physically handicapped social guarantee for the handicapped people. In the implementation, there may be some problems, but they should be overcome wisely.

The role of Jamsostek or social guarantee for the workers is considered still low and not transparent. When there was a problem, after having the premium, they just leave the worker. It was stated by the head of Manpower Agency of Buleleng regency, Ida Bagus Nyoman Pastika. He said that problem may be caused by the far distance. The Jamsostek office is in Denpasar, therefore, if there was a problem happened with the workers in Buleleng, like accident, pension, etc, the workers should deal with the officers in Denpasar, sending the copy of the recipe, and doing some others. He hoped Jamsostek would make branch office in Singaraja remembering that the social guarantee is needed by the workers.

Ida Bagus Nyoman Pastika also stated that there was a tight relationship between the changes of province minimum salary with the claim payment from Jamsostek. From 2006, the minimum salary for the worker is 623,000 rupiah. Until this time, the agency has not received any complaint, both from the worker and the manager. All workers in Bali should get payment at least 623,000 rupiah per month, and if the company could not pay at that much, the Manpower Agency would take a part to talk to the director, manager and the workers about this.

After the first and second Bali bombing, the condition of tourism sectors in Buleleng is not as good as some years ago. It was influenced also by the natural disasters, the unsafe situation in Indonesia and the travel warning from several countries that not allowed their citizen to travel to Indonesia. Many hotels and restaurants reduced their number of workers, reduce the salary of their workers and some of them are closed. Related to the new minimum salary issued by the provincial government, the Manpower Agency has not received any complaint from the hotel and restaurant’s workers. The head of the agency thought that was because of high understanding between both the board and the workers. He hoped this understanding would be maintained forever, if there was any problem occurred, it should be discussed together. He added, nowadays, it was so difficult to find a job. The people who would like to get a job in Buleleng are more than 16,000 people, and with addition about 1,000 people each year.

The central government through Social Department has conducted Fund aid and Social Guarantee Program for the serious physically handicapped people since 2006. The serious physically handicapped people have been given 300,000 rupiah per month. The purpose of this program is to improve the welfare of the serious handicapped people and to reduce the daily need expenses that they should pay. Their physical condition caused them unable to work and earn money as other normal people. The head of Social Welfare Agency of Buleleng regency, Ketut Bagiada, stated that this program was conducted only in 8 provinces in Indonesia, and Bali was one of them.
In Bali, this program was conducted in three regencies; they were Jembrana, Karangasem and Buleleng regencies. Of course, not all handicapped people in the regency are given the fund. There are several criteria about the handicapped people who can participate in the program and given that fund.

The regency was given quota only 250 handicapped people, therefore, the Social Welfare Agency should be selective and selected the ones that fulfill the requirements.

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