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Balinese Today, the section where Bali people speak to you in English. What is going on in their lives.

Investing in Paradise: Why Ubud, Bali
Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of nature, surrounded by lush jungle and picturesque rice paddies, with the cultural and spiritual heartbeat of Bali as your backdrop. Welcome to Ubud, where the allure of a vibrant lifestyle meets the... Read Article

Ubud's Culinary Canvas
Ubud, the enchanting cultural heart of Bali, is celebrated for more than its picturesque landscapes and vibrant arts scene. It's also a culinary haven, where flavours from across the globe blend seamlessly with local ingredients and traditions.   Many of Ubud's restaurants... Read Article

Bali Kopi or Brown Rice Coffee?
Every morning he drinks coffee made by his wife. It is a habit. He thinks he has been addicted. If one day he does not drink a glass of coffee, he will feel sick. He likes Balinese coffee. Most of... Read Article

Dokar, traditional transportation that will never die?
Nowadays, people tend to choose the usage of things that are more practical, fast (no time wasting) and cheap. This is also true for the means of transportation that they use. Streets are now crowded with cars, buses, and motorbikes;... Read Article

Gender Equivalence in Bali Still Impossible?
My name is Ayu. I am married and have two children, a handsome little boy and a nice little girl. I work as an officer in one of the developing Finance Companies in Buleleng. My career is getting better from... Read Article

Problems faced by young married couples in Bali
Marriage is a holy unity between man and woman. People try to find the best partner with who they will spend the rest of their life together. But sometimes there are also marriages in which the man or woman is... Read Article

Taman Sari Temple and Sandals
Taman Sari temple is one of the ancient temples in Buleleng. It is located in Kampung Baru village, right on the sea shore. In every occasion of ceremonies and holy days like Galungan, Kuningan, Pagerwesi, Purnama (Full moon), and Tilem... Read Article

In Bali, even the death must wait.
That Sunday evening, Ngadeg was watching television. His wife was in the kitchen and his 12 year old daughter was preparing snacks and a meal for her excursion on the next day. Then, he was surprised by the cry of... Read Article

Unique Bali Traditions will they stay?
Bali is an island filled with unique traditions, arts, cultures, and beautiful performances. Dances, play, songs and traditional music performances found in Bali have so many variations. One of the singing performances is kekawin. It is a traditional Bali singing... Read Article

Paying for School Yourself
Poverty has forced people no matter their age, religion, status, or caste to work harder and get a better life. Better life means better food, better housing, better source of living, and better education. The last mentioned now becomes major... Read Article

Vegetable Oil Price in Indonesia
(article from long ago..) Recently, the price of some basic commodities has increased. One of the basic commodities which price is increasing is vegetable oil. The increasing price of vegetable oil in Indonesia is generally due to the increasing price of... Read Article

Bali needs to produce more Coffee
January 4th, 2013 Bali is unable to fulfill the demand for Bali coffee from abroad.... One way to increase production capacity is to add processing machinery and improve the ability of farmers. Coffee production in the province of Bali has been unable to... Read Article

Follow the Bali Music
There are not many people in Bali can afford to go abroad since the trip expenses are high. But it cannot be denied that most people wish to get a chance and take a vacation abroad. Not only by the... Read Article

Pulaki Temple and Elections
Pura Agung Pulaki or Pulaki temple is located in Gerokgak sub district, on the main road of Gilimanuk-Singaraja. It is also called as Petirtan Temple because in this temple we can get “tirta” or holy water. There are many means... Read Article

Parking Fees in Bali on the Rise
The city arrangement is one of the important things need to be paid attention from the government. During this time, the arrangement of Singaraja has been done well by the government of Buleleng regency. This is according to Hindu’s system... Read Article

Twins in Bali - Manak Salah
A few months ago, a woman in Sukasada sub-district of Buleleng, gave birth to twins who were different in terms of their sexes. One of the twins was a boy and the other one was a girl. The twins died... Read Article

Education Fees in Bali
My father needs a lot of money now for the school fee of my two little sisters. I am the second child in my family and still in the Junior High school. My older sister now studies in Java, to... Read Article

Hitam Manis Junior High School Girl
It was Monday morning, the time for the students to start their day with school activities like usual; go to school, get lessons from their teachers, involve in discussions with their friends, talk in the canteen while having food and... Read Article

Old and Alone in Bali
She always wakes up early in the morning, the time when many people are still in bed and dreaming. She wakes up in the dark, and lights a traditional lamp since there is no electricity connection in her room. It... Read Article

The Life of a Chinese family in the City
Today I only got 12,000 rupiah. Only one girl rented a Sidney Sheldon’s novel, and six little boys and girls, that I thought Elementary and Junior High school students, rented comics. I came back to Singaraja three years ago from... Read Article

North Bali Hospital Improvements
The service of RSUD or the public hospital of Buleleng regency has been improved in these recent years. It is shown by the increasing rate of the hospital’s category; from C type becomes B type. It is indicated by the... Read Article

Social Guarantee for Workers and Handicapped
The local government pays good attention to the workers and serious physically handicapped people in Buleleng by giving social guarantees. Those guarantees are Jamsostek for the workers and physically handicapped social guarantee for the handicapped people. In the implementation, there... Read Article

The Women Skill Improvement Program
The Village Development Office of Buleleng regency, through the women development section, conducts three programs in 2007 to improve the skills of the women in the villages. The head of women development section of Buleleng regency, Anak Agung Putra Megawati,... Read Article

Ready to Build: A Plot Close to Lovina
Ready to Build: A Plot Close to Lovina
Walking Distance to the Beach
Bali Beachfront Villa for Sale
Bali Beachfront Villa for Sale
Large pool 4 bedrooms
EUR € 379.000
Beachfront Land In Brongbong 5350m2
Beachfront Land In Brongbong 5350m2
Large Plot for Villa
Rp 3.700.000.000
Land For Sale in Kayuputih
Land For Sale in Kayuputih
For Sale, with good access road
AUD $115,000
Villa on Huge Land Plot in Pemuteran
Villa on Huge Land Plot in Pemuteran
Spacious, Maintained, Peaceful
EUR € 495.000
An Unique Hillside Villa For Sale in Bali
An Unique Hillside Villa For Sale in Bali
Kayuputih Lovina Area
EUR € 575.000