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Bank Buleleng 45, a new Bank

Improving Economic Development

After the Buleleng people waited for a long time, to strengthen the position of local finance, eventually, Bank Buleleng 45, will be established. The placement of the first stone as the starting point of the construction of this bank was done by Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, on April 23, 2007. Bagiada stated that the establishment of Bank Buleleng 45 was one of the efforts of local government to use the potential that available in the area effectively and efficiently, besides to strengthen the position of local finance and provide power to the local enterprises.

The coordinator of the construction of this bank, Made Budha Suyasa, stated that the bank, which is located on Jalan Pramuka Singaraja, will be built in an area about 16 acres with the building of the bank covers 635 m2 of it. The construction expense of the building of the bank was estimated more than 1.8 billion rupiah. Putu Bagiada promised to provide fund 5 billion rupiah for the operational activity, so that the bank, which was formerly named Bank Perkreditan Rakyat of BPR 45, can compete with other bank in Singaraja.

Although the construction of the building has been started, on 27 April 2007, Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, inaugurated and took the oath of the direction of Local Enterprise BPR Bank Buleleng 45 Singaraja in the meeting room of Buleleng regent office. The directions were Putu Sudiarta as General Director and Made Buda Suyasa as Operational Director. Bagiada stated that to have successful enterprises, the quality of human resources, as the most important thing in an enterprise, and the management, operational and facilities provided in that bank, should be improved. The tight competition with other bank should increase the effort to develop good strategy and increase the operational of the bank as well through an aspect, improving the quality of the officers.

Besides inaugurating the direction of Bank Buleleng 45 Singaraja, to strengthen the economic development in this regency, Buleleng regent also give strengthening program about the general administration to the representatives of Lembaga Perkreditan Desa (LPD) or Village Credit Association management in Buleleng regency, on April 20, 2007. The regent said the progress of LPD was influenced by three pillars; the management, monitoring body and the community. Those three pillars should work together to get balance and harmonious way in managing the LPD.

The second assistant of government secretary of Buleleng regency, Ketut Gelgel Ariadi, as the coordinator of this program, stated the one day program was attended by 300 people, who were the chairmen of PLPDK, BKS, LPD, and the secretaries of all LPD in Buleleng regency. He added, from the total 166 LPD in Buleleng, only 129 LPD were in good progress, while the others were not, even some of them were stuck. The most problem faced by the stuck LPD was in term of administration, therefore this program was very useful for the development of LPD in Buleleng, he insisted. Gelgel Ariadi explained in detail that the asset of LPD up to 2006 was more than 127 billion rupiah, 8 billion rupiah was the profit, and the LPD in Buleleng employed 723 people.

The head of Grokgak sub district, Ida Bagus Susrama, also concern to the economic development in his area. He inaugurated the new management of BPD, Village Representative Body, for 2007-2013 periods, in the succession which was held on 10 May 2007. Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, who attended the succession, asked the new management to be more active in accommodating the aspiration of the public, and to manage the allocation of village fund as effective as possible, for the development of Gerokgak sub district and Buleleng regency as well.

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