Tax Evasion tackled by Computers

Districts need the resources however

Districts Urged to Use System “Online”

Tax evasion (tax hotels and restaurants – PHR) is allegedly committed by a number of star hotels in Badung regency and raises many questions. One question is related to the possibility corruption in hotel taxation. To suppress the “leakage” of the tax, the Bali Council urged all counties and cities in Bali to immediately start doing tax collections online. “We expect taxes collected online will avoid things that are not desirable” said a member of Commission II of Council Bali Nyoman Sugawa Korry in Denpasar, Monday (7/1/2013) yesterday.

Sugawa said tax collection online is not easy because they have to be prepare the infrastructure first. Admittedly, for this there are human resource issues to solved before the system could implemented. “But if there is the intention, it can be done. Now we just do not want it to be unprepared. There’s no reason not to implement it. Begin to prepare for it”, he said.

Sugawa justify tax evasion is indeed common in the district. However, as the representative of the people at the provincial level, it retains the right to provide input and suggestions. “As a subsystem of developing provinces, we can only encourage. One of the suggestions is to apply online taxation system” , said Sugawa.

He argues that there are many benefits for the region and communities if an online system is implemented . “The tax revenues rise at least 30 to 50 percent. That is the potential amount of tax that would be obtained if an applicable online fee system is used”. said the politician of Buleleng.

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