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The Preparation of Provincial Level Porseni

Sport and Art competitions

Porseni or weekly sport and art competitions for students in provincial level will be held in Denpasar from 6 to 11 June 2007. All regencies, including Buleleng regency, have been preparing their junior athletes and artists to compete in this high prestige students’ competition. In Buleleng, the preparation has been conducted since several months ago in the school level. The coordinators have been continually monitored the athletes and artists. Officially, the sport committee will conduct decentralization for the exercise and strengthening programs from 14 to 31 May 2007. This year, the decentralization will be attended by 280 athletes, with 100 officials and 25 committees for 13 sport branches.

Dewa Ketut Manuaba, the head of Non Formal Education Program of Youth and Sport Agency of Buleleng regency states that the ambition of Buleleng athletes is at least to maintain the achievement they got in last year Porseni, to be the third winner, and if it is possible, to be the first winner of all. He adds that the regulation about the age of the athletes for the sport competition was changed. This year, the age of the athletes should be 18 years old at maximum; therefore, the athletes are range between the third grade students of Junior High school and the Senior high school students.

The athletes and artists, who will be sent as Buleleng representatives are not directly pointed by the local government. They can be the representatives after having several selections. The first selection was in school level. The best candidates for athletes and artists were sent to compete with other candidates from other schools in one sub district. This sub district level competition gave opportunity to the students to realize and develop their talent in sport or art competition. After competing and being the winner in the sub district competition, the candidates were given intensive exercise and strengthening by the coordinator from each sub district.

The sub district representatives then sent to regional level porseni competition, which was held from 9 to 13 April 2007. This year, the Porseni for student’s level in Buleleng regency was attended by 445 athletes and artist, from elementary to senior high school students. The athletes and artists competed in 13 sport branches, 1 exhibition sport and 7 art competitions. From nine sub districts in Buleleng, Buleleng sub district dominated the number of contingent. Ketut Pasek, the coordinator of Buleleng sub district stated that there were 353 students involved in 15 sport branches and art competition in that Porseni in regency level. He believed that Buleleng could be the champion due to the long and intensive preparation.

After having one week competition both for sport and art, eventually, contingent from Buleleng sub district became the champion, by having the most gold, silver and bronze medals. Although Buleleng sub district became the champion again, the number of medal it received in art competition was fewer than last year. All sub districts in this regency have received gold medal. It was good indication, actually, because it meant that all sub districts have similar quality in art. The winners will be prepared more intensively by the coordinator in regency level to present their best in provincial level Porseni next June.

To support the athletes in conducting exercise as the preparation of Porseni or Porda, the local government promised to improve the quality of the facilities. Although Buleleng regency has had a sport fields in Bhuana Patra sport center, it is considered not complete yet because there is no swimming pool for the athletes to do the exercise. The head of Indonesia National Sport Committee of Buleleng regency, Putu Bagiada, has tried to realize the construction of swimming pool, and hope the construction can be started this year.


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