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Pulaki Temple and Elections

on the road from Gilimanuk to Singaraja

Pura Agung Pulaki or Pulaki temple is located in Gerokgak sub district, on the main road of Gilimanuk-Singaraja. It is also called as Petirtan Temple because in this temple we can get “tirta” or holy water. There are many means of public transportation that can be used to reach this temple. Buses, mini buses, ojek, bemo, and etc, are kinds of public transportation that you could hire. There are also some good hotels around Pulaki temple that is provided with good facilities. It is due to the location of Pulaki temple which is right in the tourism area of western part of Buleleng.

Pulaki temple is mostly covered with black stones. As other temples in Bali, Pulaki temple consists of three main yards, the outer yard (jaba sisi), middle yard (jaba tengah), and inner yard (jeroan). The passers usually stop their trip and pray in the outer yard of the temple to wish for safety and security while driving / riding on the streets. The temple is situated on the foot of the cliff and directly faces the ocean. The view is so magnificent that it attracts many tourists to come to this temple.
One thing that is so special about this temple is a group of monkeys that already live in the temple and surrounding area since a long time ago. The people never kill or bother the animals although the animals always bother the visitors especially people who want to pray in the temple. Before entering the temple you should prepare all of the offerings because suddenly, the monkeys will grab the offering while you are not watching.

You should always be careful of your belongings such as bags, glasses, sandals, and camera because the monkeys can grab it all of a sudden, then you have to give them something like fruits or cakes, in return for your belongings. The offering that you bring should be placed in a fully wired place so the monkeys won’t be able to take your offerings. What about the security of our belongings while we are praying? You don’t want to pray in a temple by opened eyes, do you? Well, there are some priests called Pemangku Penyade who will take care of our belongings wile we are praying.

The people don’t bother the monkeys because they believe that the monkeys are the sons of Hanoman, King of the monkeys. Besides, the temple is already became their home long before the people pray in the temple. Children should not bring any kinds of food because abruptly the monkeys can grab the food from their hand. Although it won’t hurt the children but it could shock them and make them cry. Sometimes, after the prayers finish their pray, they will hand the offerings over to the monkeys. It is dangerous because there will be more monkeys come to ask for the offerings.

There are some sellers outside the temple. They are grapes seller, food sellers, sun glasses sellers, and peanut sellers. If you want to buy grapes, peanuts or other food from the sellers you should watch your surrounding whether there are any monkeys or not. It usually happens, when a visitor buys food in Pulaki temple area, all of a sudden a monkey comes and grabs the food from the visitor’s hand.

Pulaki Temple is believed to be the center of the government of invisible spirits. The temple was the palace of Ida Bhatara Sakti Wawu Rawuh. Due to this belief, many government staff including the candidates of Buleleng Direct regent election (PILKADA) come and prays in this temple. Their purpose is clear, that they want to get support of niskala (supernatural life) to win in the election.

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