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Religious Life in Bali, Buleleng

Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Difference Unites All

The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslim, but the majority of people living in Bali are Hindu. Although the most Balinese people are Hindu, it does not mean the people with other religious faiths live in discrimination in Bali. All people in Bali, including Buleleng regency, would like to live together, respect each other and always try to create harmonious life. The people held the Indonesian principal 'Bhineka Tunggal Ika' that means the differences unite all. The tolerance attitude has been shown by the people in their real life, for example in the celebration of holy days, the ceremonies, pilgrimage and others.

In Bali, almost each house, office, common facilities has special place, like a small shrine or small temple, to place the offering and pray. However, there are many offices, besides having temple, also have a mushola, a certain place in a building for the Muslim to pray. Recently, the policemen, who live in the dormitory of Singaraja Police Sector, renovated the mushola in their area. This renovated mushola was announced officially by Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, on 4 May 2007. He hoped this mushola would give widen opportunity for the Moslem police family to do the praying. The chairman of Mushola Babbu salam association, Sudaryoko, told that the renovation of this mushola was done step by step. He, on behalf of the members of the association, said the gratitude to Buleleng regent, who has given donation some 75 million rupiah for the renovation of the mushola. That program was also attended by the vice chief of Buleleng police resort, Baron Wuryanto, on behalf of Buleleng police resort chief. That program was then continued by praying or sholat together.

It is not impossible that Bali government send their people to join pilgrimage program to be pilgrims. The interest of Muslims in Buleleng to do the pilgrimage to Mecca is increasing over time. The head section of Islam and pilgrimage affair of Religion Agency of Buleleng regency, Haji Abidin, stated that the Muslim in Bali, who register themselves in the pilgrimage program, were about 900 people, that number included 74 people from Buleleng regency. Those people have to pay 20 million rupiah for the registration, while the total expenses were determined by central government, and will be paid later, together with other administration requirement, after they are given seat number. Nowadays, the Moslem can register themselves at any time in the working hour in Religion Agency office because the government uses along year registration system. This Muslim program is supported also by the people with other religions.

The success of Buleleng people in maintaining good relationship among different religions has been proven. After having tight and long assessment, eventually, Buleleng regency, which was represented by Religion Affairs Office of Sukasada sub district, was nominated as the first winner in The Best Religion Affairs Office Competition in provincial level. Besides, in this 2007, Buleleng regency was also as the first winner of Harmonious Family Competition. This competition was represented by the couple from Pengastulan village, Seririt sub district.

Haji Abidin explained that this success in provincial level was not the first time for Buleleng regency, but for the forth time. In national level competition, the representative from this regency was always been taken consideration. As the first winner, Buleleng regency will represent Bali province in national level Religion Affairs Office Competition at the beginning of next July. The representatives will be strengthened in term of the implementation of Pancasila or the Indonesian five basic principles, the understanding of the importance of good religion relations, general knowledge about religions, and important events, leadership, personality, environment coordination, service, administration, and many others.


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