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Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi

STIE Satya Dharma Singaraja

The students of STIE Satya Dharma Singaraja, a private economic college in Singaraja, conducted activities of society devotion in Nagasepeha village on Friday, 11 May, 2007. The program, which was focused in the village temple, besides attended by the students and the lecturers, was attended by the representative from Religion Agency of Buleleng regency, PHDI or Indonesian Hindu Association and the villagers of Nagasepeha village. The head of the villagers, Putu Arta Susrama, stated that the villagers gave positive respond to this program because this program may give good effect to them.

At that program, Prof. Doctor I Gusti Ngurah Gorda, the descendant of Buleleng founder, the king of Buleleng, who was also the owner of STIE Satya Dharma Singaraja, delivered speech to the participants. He explained about the most dangerous enemy in this life stayed in each human being. Each person may behave like giant or Asuri Sampad or like God or Dewi Sampad. These two characteristics may raise conflict among others if it is not managed properly and carefully. The effort to create and maintain the harmonious relationship with other people in the society should be started from oneself, especially in this era, where many people pay more attention to the material and authority than spiritual value and respecting each other. In his speech, Gorda explained about Tat Wam Asi philosophy as well. It was about the equivalence of every human being, with ‘you are me and I am you’ concept. He hoped the students, lecturers, and the villagers of Nagesepeha village would implement this concept in the daily life to provide harmonious and peaceful life.

On Saturday, May 12, 2007, one day after the society devotion program in Nagasepeha village, STIE Satya Dharma Singaraja carried out a workshop in the auditorium of STIE Satya Dharma, which was located in Jalan Yudistira Singaraja. The presenter of this workshop was Prof. Doctor I Gusti Ngurah Gorda. He, when presented the topic with the theme ‘Spiritual Management and Leadership’, explained that the spiritual of the management and leadership was guiding, clearing, providing spiritual access to the ratio and emotion in managing the sources of business or non business, to provide advantages to the stakeholder, without hurting and violating them. It meant an organization, business or non business sectors, which has adequate sources, but has no a leader who have good characteristic, undoubtedly, the organization would be hard to get success.

The secretary of STIE Satya Dharma, the coordinator of the society devotion program and the workshop, Gede Sudarsana, stated that those programs were conducted in relation to the National Education Day, which was actually commemorated on May 2, 2007 and the implementation of one of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi or three obligations that should be done by university and college students. This program was conducted to develop alumnus to be a complete smart person, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

In the society devotion program, the awareness of the students toward the real life condition was increased. After graduating from the college, the students will deal with the real life situation, interact with many people with different characteristics, and will become the active members of the society, who have more complete right and obligation.

While in the workshop, the students were prepared to implement any theory they have got in the classroom to the real life. In that workshop, they were trained to do business games and problem solving in a group discussion and then the result was presented in the plenary session. Besides, this program was one way for the students to get professionalism score, besides by taking certain period training program in companies and LPD or an organization in villages dealing with credit and economic sectors.

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