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Paying for School Yourself

Motivated Students

Poverty has forced people no matter their age, religion, status, or caste to work harder and get a better life. Better life means better food, better housing, better source of living, and better education. The last mentioned now becomes major priority especially for children at schooling age. Better or we can say higher quality of education at least will be a tremendous asset in the future for the children and also for the family. There are many examples of parents who were suffering due to poverty that can get better economic condition since they could get their children to school.

By having higher degree and good quality of education, the children can get good job so they can take the responsibility of their parents to fulfill the family’s daily necessities. That’s why many parents keep trying to get their beloved children to school in order to change the family’s condition. Some of them borrow money and other sells their properties such as land and jewelries so their children can go to school. There are also sort of children who don’t want to give such burden to their parents to pay for the school fee. These kinds of children do their own effort to get money and pay the school fee. Luh Sarinjani or we can call her Sari is one of the children who are struggling to get money so she can go to school without being the burden of the family. Sari was born as the eldest children in her family, in Singaraja, 12th June 1993.

Working as waitress in a small restaurant in Singaraja is her job from 4 p.m. till 12 p.m. She does her work in order to help her parents paying her school fee because she also has some sisters and brothers who also need her parents’ attention. Although her parents have jobs but she wants to help them. “At least I could minimize their trouble to pay our school fee” she said happily. Working from 4 to 12 o’clock in the evenings while her friends are sleeping on their comfy beds, of course, gives Sari trouble in studying because she loses her study time in the evening. Moreover, she sometimes feels so sleepy at school. Her teacher notices it and she knows that Sari has to work in the evening as waitress.

“I don’t mind if Sari gets sleepy in the classroom because I know that she has to work. During this time, her achievement in the class is fine” said her teacher in SMPN 3 Singaraja. Fortunately, her boss gives her transport so there is no need for her to pay for the public transportation. Life at nights is not a good circumstance for a young girl like Sari but she could handle it. The thing that makes her doesn’t give up is her expectation to get the highest degree of education and at the same time, helping her parents. Her mother once suggested her to quit her job because it is dangerous for a young girl like her working at night and also, it will disturb her concentration in her study.

But Sari didn’t quit and keeps working although black shade around her eyes cannot hide the fact that she is exhausted of working. In a month, Sari can get Rp. 250,000. She uses the money to pay her school fee and buy her school books. Her parents love her very much and her mother is always waiting for her whenever she finishes her work at the restaurant. Sari then continued, “It is true that my salary is not much but I have to continue my study and so my brothers and sisters”.

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