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Bali Land for Sale

Finding a place to build a Villa

Buying land in Bali can be a real adventure. If you are a seasoned traveler to Bali, interested in building in Bali, you have listened to people about this issue and read a lot already, about owning property here. There are many, often conflicting, opinions about property laws. Fact of the matter is that there are thousands of foreigners controlling property in one or another way in Bali.

Our Lawyer and Hillside Property

Foreigners can not own property in the same way as Indonesian citizens can, and therefore need a legal construction that allows them to safely invest in a property in Bali. There are many ways to accomplish this and depends on the size, use and type of property. Palm Living mostly handles residential property, sometimes used for holiday rentals as well, and we have a lot of experience in this field.

Palm Living  employs a full time Indonesian lawyer who is perfectly capable to find the best solution to secure your investment, now and in the future. Together with our other marketing staff and the good relations with local authorities and institutions, Palm Living will be able to find you a nice place in Bali to build a villa, our reputation depends on it.

We are located in North Bali, and empty beachfront property in a good location is hard (but not totally impossible, yet) to find there. It is easier to find an already buildup property at the beach. Prices for beachfront property have gone up significantly in the last years however. North Bali has always been known for favorable land prices compared to the South of Bali, and this still holds true, especially for hillside properties.

Please look at the current listings on our website: Bali Land For Sale, or complete turnkey Villa projects in North Bali.

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