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References 1 - Testimonials on our building work in Bali

What our clients have to say about Palm Living - Part One

Below you find testimonials of some of our clients. Yes, we asked them to write something, but the text is theirs. We have changed our trading name a while ago, so we have changed that. Its still the same company however. You may even find links to some of the websites our clients have created after they bought from us.


The Boersma Family (2012)

Reference Palm Living

In May 2012 we spent our holiday in a beautiful villa in Lokapaksa , North Bali. Although the objective of our stay was "holiday" it had another result. So it happened that we made an appointment with Palm Living to get an idea of the possibilities in North Bali to build and rent a villa. A drive with Jeroen Franken resulted in an enthusiastic experience with the construction plots at Brongbong, the place we bought in June 2012, two lots for two wonderful villas. In September 2012 , the construction of the first villa started, in February 2013 for the second villa. The coordination and building was executed and managed by Palm Living.

Although stories of buying land and building in Bali are not always that positive, we have a totally different experience. With the lawyer associated to Palm Living , decent contracts were drafted, taking into account our specific situation (purchase by a legal entity established in the Netherlands). The formalities at the notary were “easy-going” , although the Balinese way. Furthermore , the fact that the name holder of our plots, Nyoman, is directly connected to Palm Living, gives a good feeling. At the start of the construction , it showed immediately that Palm Living had good and long term contacts and contracts with the contractor, subcontractors and construction workers , but also with the local people and priests. After the necessary ceremonies both villas were built swiftly.

As a director / shareholder , entrepreneur and lawyer, I am used to having full control of my activities. Therefore , I anticipated it would be difficult to manage this big project , being not in the situation to influence the process. Fortunately , reality turned out to be completely different. In various ways , we had contact (skype , facebook and whatsapp ) , but more importantly , it was not necessary to have that much discussions. Prior to construction , we had several extensive meetings with the architect, Willem Meulenbroeks and Roland Leijten, to discuss all possible details and to make decisions . And where in the Netherlands an additional outlet (power supply) will cost additional money, a lot of alterations and additional wishes were possible for the original price. During the construction activities, Roland and Willem made a lot of pictures, so we were fully informed of the progress . For questions or uncertainties detailed pictures were made, we had a short consultation , and thus the two villas were completed in May 2013 and September 2013 to our complete satisfaction. A villa in Bali is not just a building , it also includes a beautiful garden, swimming pool, jacuzzi, lighting plan and ornaments. We were pleased that Roland brings his experience as a gardener in the Netherlands, also in Bali in practice. His advice, design and supervision has shown a good basis for the entire exterior of both villas.

Perhaps most surprised , we are about the service of Palm Living in delivery and after-sales. This is important, as the villa is only finished when the last hook has been fastened and the villa is furnished. And here Palm Living also turned out to be helpful, with several addresses in the "south", coordinating and controlling the receipt of all goods and various tips and tricks . On the day of the delivery of the villa, also the day we saw the finished villa , we were stunned at the outcome . Conclusion, I love to recommend Palm Living as a full service project company and I would be happy to provide further information on our experience.

B.J.B. (Bart) Boersma LL.M. B.Sc. / Customs Knowledge BV  - owners of


Laurent & Patricia P, Singapore (2013)

We, like many other buyers at first rented a villa built by Palm Living. It was on holiday in 2010, near Seririt. We had very few days to convince us to try our luck and to build our own dream villa. After you find out how to contact the company Palm Living, we requested a quote and immediately Jeroen and Willem and we visited a land. It was the good one. To make us feel good when we even consult with other developers in the north but no need to lose time, Palm Living is the most capable and most serious, especially for those who have high expectations.

The indonesian nominee is one of the associate of Palm Living, a lawyer is part of the team, as well as an architect, the works manager and the tropical garden specialist. Three members of the team are Dutch which facilitate the discussions.

After having completed the sale, the short period of nine months and the level of quality have exceeded our hopes. We received photos every week and have spent about 3 weekends there. The villa has been delivered and operational the following summer. Since then we have received a lot of friends, family and guests at Villa Aparna. Comments on the rental sites are speaking by themselves: 5/5 for the 30 reviews that we have received to date.

It is a pleasure to have worked with Palm Living. I just recommend to potential buyers and to Palm Living to significantly diversify the design of new houses for them to not look alike.

Laurent & Patricia, owners of


Family W & R (2015)

During the last seven months Palm Living has been "the company" for building our villa in Northern Bali. From the moment we chose the beautiful plot that, Palm Living associate Jeroen Franken, proposed to us, we could start thinking about a new home in paradise. The formalities between us, Nyoman, the official Indonesian plot-holder and the local notary went correctly and smooth.

By expressing our dream to Kadek Januartha, the architect, Willem Meulenbroeks and Roland Leijten, associates of Palm Living, it became clear to us that we were dealing with a very professional team. All those factors confirmed to us that we were in "good hands".

The"full service" Palm Living concept is very transparent, with a fantastic guidance and very trust worthy. The continuous updates of the construction of our dream house complemented with pictures and comments by field managers Willem and Roland, the constant feedback, advice regarding our questions / decisions gave us the confidence that they were in total control of the project.

We just would sit back and relax, while our villa was being build.

The result is stunning! Amazing! A beautiful minimalistic design surrounded by gorgeous nature! The after sale service is probably one of the best example of the "full service" concept, Exceptional!

Palm Living : "Their goal is to realize your dream house and us to let them do so!".....while staying within the agreed budget price.

Without hesitation we would like them to build another villa for us!

We would like to add a special thank you note to Roland ...for his extreme professional approach, for taking the extra time showing us around several villas, discussing ideas, coping with the smallest details of our requests ....and most of all for creating an amazing garden ...confirming to us with his creativity to be skilled landscape designer.

W&R owners of Villa Zoubi, see virtual tour.


Freek and Angelique (2018)

So early 2017 our adventure started by visiting many of the villas which were developed and built by Palm Living. Roland showed us around and spent ample of time showing the various possibilities of villa lay out and materials. We were really impressed with the quality of materials used. After our trip we knew it; Palm Living was going to build our second villa. During the building phase we were informed on a biweekly basis with photos and WhatsApp life video tours of the villa under construction.

Almost a year later our villa is finished and we could not have been more happy with the result. The villa looks even more beautiful than expected and the materials used are of outstanding quality. We really appreciated the ease of communication during the building phase. Issues that popped up were easily solved. Ideas to make the villa even better than we previously put on paper at the start of the construction were suggested by Roland and adopted by us. Or the other way around: when we had an idea, of course within limits, to improve the look and feel of the villa this was incorporated in the plan without having the usual hassle of discussing extra costs. Last but not least, thank you Ronald and team to go the extra mile. Ordering a washing machine and cooler in the south of Bali was included as an extra service, which is quite handy if you are not around in Bali. Or being there to make sure that another company we used to make a stone wall carving did their job as we hoped for.

To conclude; we absolutely recommend Palm Living if you want to build a villa on Bali! Roland and the entire team of Palm Living: thank you very much for making our dream come true!

Freek and Angelique, owners of


More to follow... Continue at Part Two